CalVentures - Real Estate Investment Services

CalVentures and its predecessor company was established in 1982 as a diversified real estate company with an aggressive commitment to the future of high-quality, investment grade real estate. The firm and its principals have been involved in a variety of properties and projects involving the acquisition of residential, commercial and industrial properties. To these projects, the company has contributed the creative and administrative leadership as well as the financial depth to assure each property’s successful operation and performance

CalVentures currently owns and/or operates a diverse portfolio of multi-family residential and commercial properties in Southern California, and is actively seeking to expand into other markets through acquisition and development of multi-family and commercial properties in alliance with nationally recognized institutional lenders and underwriters for securitization of taxable and tax-exempt mortgage revenue bonds.

The firm’s executive management team combines the efforts and expertise of outstanding industry professionals, supplemented by consulting specialists whose skills are utilized on an individual project basis. We believe this type of operation provides maximum versatility, with the assurance that each property receives close coordination of efforts and meticulous attention to detail. This strategy has also achieved an impressive record of successful and rapid growth for CalVentures.